Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Long time, no write....

It's been a little crazy around here lately...not that that's an excuse...actually, it is....a good excuse. My grandmother passed away. She was 74. I am happy. What did I say? Yes, I am happy. I know where she is and she is even happier than I. She was a Christian and  believed that Jesus Christ was her Savior. She was right and now she is no longer suffering or in pain! I can't wait to join her when God calls me home! What a day of rejoicing that will be.

Anyway, I made some delicious pancakes the other night. I like to use this all natural syrup made without high fructose corn syrup (because organic is expensive and I'm too lazy to make my own). They also make an all natural pancake mix that I use too, but it's not on their website....anyway take a load of this....

Excuse the shape of my pancakes....they are not perfectly round and I'm ok with that.
To reduce my syrup use, I put a tablespoon of syrup with 1/2 cup of frozen berries in a microwaveable bowl (glass) and microwave it on high of 1 and 1/2 minutes....then I pour it on top of my pancakes....yum is all I have to say. YUM.

(You will notice these are not whole wheat pancakes...come on, I like to indulge ONCE in a while:)

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