Monday, November 12, 2012

Meatless Mondays...and Thursdays?

Hey ya'll!

So, I've been trying to cut back our grocery budget lately so I have instituted Meatless Mondays (much to my husband's dismay:). However, this week I went really crazy and had a Meatless Thursday too!

I have a recent obsession with black beans. They are cheap, delicious, and healthy! What's not to like!? On Monday I made a black bean and sweet potato delight! Here's the original recipe. I switched out a regular potato for a sweet potato and it tasted fantastic! At first the hubs was a little sad when he did not see ground beef, but once he dug in he was not disappointed:)

I used a sweet and spicy salsa which I added to my sauteed onions and garlic.
 Viola! It was delicious!

On Thursday I made Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas! These were more work but SO GOOD! I used multi-grain tortillas which boosted the healthy level a bit. Even if you're not a fan of spinach you should try these! The spinach works well with all the other ingredients. I did change a few things. I added greek yogurt to the spinach/bean mixture and added white beans instead of corn (I'm not a corn fan:).

I like to post good recipes once in a while. I'm always looking for something new and healthy (and mostly CHEAP:).


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